World views at War

Conflict of “World Views”
Arguments about Creation versus Evolution inevitably boil down to what is called one’s “world view”. There is one “camp” who believe that life as we know it was created by a superior being, a deity which most would call God. There is another camp who has bought into the concept of “evolution”, popularized by the works of Charles Darwin in his 1959 book “Origin of Species”.

The creationist camp believes that life started “high” (in terms of complexity and function) and has gradually deteriorated over time through disease, destructive mutations and extinctions.

The evolutionist camp believes that life started “low” (chance combination of chemicals) and evolved through undirected forces of nature and beneficial mutations to become ever more complex over eons of time. There are many confused people somewhere in the middle who perhaps want to believe the former (after all, the existence of God gives us a sense of purpose in this life and a hope for eternal life), but through decades of indoctrination have perhaps come to put some degree of faith in the teachings of evolution.

The teaching of evolution has been one of the most cunning, subversive and deceitful tools employed by the secular world in its “War on God”, and its attempt to undermine Christianity in particular.

A Shifting Public Mindset

2008 marks the release of a major motion picture “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, starring Ben Stein. In this documentary-style movie, we see that public science policy and dogma is forged by the elite few who control our media, and our institutions such as universities, museums, and of course, organizations like the NAS. We begin to realize that perhaps our science institutions are home to many quiet dissenters who dare not speak up for fear of losing their very livelihoods.

But here’s the interesting statistic: Based on a 2005 poll, 64% of Americans believe they were created directly by God. Only 22% fully buy into the theory of evolution. When compared with a similar poll taken nearly a decade earlier, we see that public opinion has been slowly shifting toward creation and away from evolution. This, despite gargantuan efforts to brainwash the public over many decades that evolution is a “fact”, the outright censorship of the creation message, and attempts to paint “creationists” as a fringe group of simple-minded, uneducated fanatics.

The stance being taken by the NAS is a huge gamble for them, because evidence and logic are simply not on their side, as we’ll illustrate in the pages to follow. It is by no means certain that the NAS will win the battle for public “mind share” over the long term. If they lose this battle they’ve so purposefully picked, then the price they pay for it could be devastating.

The Word of God versus The Word of Man

Let’s be clear: the Theory of Evolution stands in direct defiance to the Word of God as recorded in the Holy Bible. There can be no middle ground. The two concepts are polar opposites. Although many confused souls try to do so, logically one cannot believe in both the God of the Bible and in evolution, any more than one could believe in both atheism and creation.

CREATION aligns itself with BELIEF AND FAITH IN GOD, EVOLUTION aligns itself with ATHEISM!

There are well over 100 passages in the bible that speak of God’s creation. The NAS publication, despite taking aim at the inherently biblical subject of creation, totally ignores what the Word of God has to say on this subject. Not one verse from the bible is even examined in their document. Our purpose is to set the record straight from both a biblical and scientific standpoint.

We believe our scientific arguments are sound enough to stand on their own strengths, as we realize (sadly, in today’s world) that many skeptics will simply reject biblical testimony as being irrelevant. However we cannot simply brush aside what the Bible has to say on this matter that – by its very nature – has biblical teaching at its core. So we will include biblical references to reinforce, without diminishing, our scientific analysis.

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